Software Site Licenses

Software Site Licenses to Make your Life Easier

Please contact the Instructional Support Services Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) lab for detailed information on the numerous software tools available at UTEP at 915-747-5940, visit their website or visit the facility between 7m and 5pm in the Undergraduate Learning Center Room 302. Two tools that have great promise to make your life easier are
  • Raptivity is a tool to create highly interactive eLearning content with learning games, simulations, videos and virtual worlds quickly and easily, no joke. They also have a large library of templates you can use or modify.
  • Turnitin. UTEP has a site license with Turnitin. We strongly recommend to use this tool in an educational manner, allowing students to submit their work early, and making revisions based on the report from Turnitin, prior to submitting their work for a grade.