Liberating Structures Workshop

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A Brief Overview of Liberating Structures

“The practice of LS has helped liberate me from bearing the sole burden of “professing” in a classroom, i.e. being a Sage on Stage, a knower, and content deliverer.” Dr. Arvind Singhal, Professor, UTEP Department of Communication.

Our motivations and styles of teaching vary widely, but common among them is our desire to help students prepare themselves for an ever changing world. Consequently, students’ wisdom, experience, knowledge and skills must be acknowledged and given space in the classroom to fully engage with the content and actively participate in the learning process. Liberating Structures offer teachers tools to invite all students to participate equally in the learning activities and to learn through self-discovery and through peer interactions.

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Liberating Structures in the Classroom



APPRECIATIVE INTERVIEWS (2nd Liberating Structure)



FISHBOWL (3rd Liberating Structure)




Unscripted: Liberating Structures by Arvind Singhal

Liberating Structures: Inviting and Unleashing All: Lipmanowicz in Convo with Singhal

Liberating Classroom: Lipmanowicz in Convo with Singhal

Liberated Professor Speaks – Arvind Singhal

Liberating Structures