The first goal of UTEP’s Strategic Plan is:  “To provide access to high-quality academic programs that foster students’ progress in achieving their educational goals and prepare them to address emergent issues confronting the region, state and nation.” The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETaL) plays an important role in reaching this goal.

We believe with your support we can work together to help UTEP head into its second century as an even better university.

Your generous contribution will help establish UTEP's presence on the regional, national and world stages as a model for achieving excellence in teaching and learning with a 21st-century student demographic, by:


  • Funding top outside speakers to visit campus and discuss particular topics identified as major needs or interests. Topics include technology-enhanced instruction and team-based learning.
  • Offering scholarships for graduate students or part-time faculty of limited means to be able to attend local/regional teaching conferences or professional development activities.
  • Purchasing books/videos on targeted topics for key stakeholder groups.
  • Sponsoring competitive awards programs to motivate instructors to redesign courses in a way that can impact future sections of the course beyond just that instructor’s students.
  • Sponsoring workshops or resources that help faculty become better mentors of students.
  • Enhancing existing offerings such as the International Sun Conference on Teaching and Learning, whose registration fees are currently kept below actual cost so that it remains affordable to all instructors
  • Supporting scholarship of teaching and learning efforts that can help instructors make their courses better and also help UTEP achieve its Tier One grant and research goals.