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UTEP has a Group Online Subscription to The Teaching Professor and the Academic Leader publications with IP access, which means that you can access both publications by clicking on when you are using one of the computers within the UTEP IP range.

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A source of cutting-edge information and inspiration for more than 10,000 educators. The Teaching Professor is the lively, informative newsletter with a singular purpose: to provide ideas and insight to educators who are passionate about teaching, and is an acclaimed newsletter devoted to the art and science of better teaching. With each issue, The Teaching Professor delivers thought-provoking and inspirational articles on a wealth of critical topics. Brief and to the point, it covers such subjects as:

• Student-centered learning
• Mentoring new and adjunct faculty
• Overcoming student apathy
• Energizing and re-inspiring experienced faculty
• Integrating new technology
• Responding to course evaluations and feedback

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Magna Commons is a library of professional development online seminars for faculty and administrators. Featuring leading educators and consultants, these programs deliver thought-provoking, content-rich presentations with “here’s how”information.

Topics for Faculty and Administrators

• Grading and feedback
• Syllabus development
• Student engagement
• Instructional vitality
• Academic integrity
• Online course design
• Technology
• Managing faculty
• Strategy and policy
• Leadership
• Program assessment
• Technology


Academic Leader is a lively, informative newsletter with a singular purpose: to provide ideas and insight to educators who are passionate about teaching. Our own experienced editors, along with contributors from university and college campuses across the country, examine current trends, challenges, and best practices.

Academic Leader helps you:
• Lead and manage change
• Build consensus and promote collaboration
• Promote faculty development on your campus
• Set academic priorities
• Champion your programs
• Evaluate faculty effectively and fairly
• Published 12 times per year. 


This eNewsletter is written by Richard Reis, Executive Director of the Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford.

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